Another Rainy Day


This kind of weather
Reminds me of you
And our togetherness
And the music on my phone
And the stuff we talked about
And that feeling

Yes, it was cold
But being with you was just comfortable enough
to make me feel warm.

I miss you.
I miss my self when I’m with you.
I miss us.


Rainy Day in Jakarta



It was a rainy day in Jakarta.
I love staring at the sky, outside the window.
Enjoying the view.

I know that
Someday I’m gonna miss that moment
When I’m standing on the 10th floor of my office building, looking through the window, with my friends and my boss, laughing, sharing anything, and the rain is falling. Then we make a cup of coffee or tea.

Ah, Jakarta.
I dont have any idea, how long I will spend my life here.

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